Just like every now and then a girl's gotta shake things up with a new outfit, a haircut or maybe a new color...we decided to majorly shake things up with complete makeover and change everything. Now...A Whole Lotta Hoopla is...

Still totally rockin' the LOVE, JOY and PIXIE DUST and excited to bring a little MAGICAL JOY into your lives!

Why Magical Joy?

When I started thinking about rebranding and rebuilding our business from the ground up, at first I didn't even think about changing the name. I had always thought of A Whole Lotta Hoopla as so many things, with an eye for the future that included a whole lotta other things. But then, I started to think, hmmm....sometimes though, A Whole Lotta Hoopla comes across as a whole lotta different things that are just a big ol' mess, especially the way our business has been perceived! With everything we've been through the past 4 years, I knew I wanted to change the name as well and give us a fresh start!

I started really soul searching, praying, talking to friends and family about the name and really put a lot into it. I took a few courses on rebranding, listened to podcasts on being true to your self and who you really are, and decided to get to the root of what I wanted for this company all along. I came up with a name that I thought for sure was it, and I ran with that for awhile and let it simmer and grow and....fizzle out. It was good but just not quite IT. Then one day I was doing some copyright for our Etsy store and ended it with something like 'bringing you a little magical joy'....and the heaven's parted, the angels sang and I had a big ol' AH HA moment! Magical Joy!!! OF COURSE!! That's what we've been working to bring to our customers all this time!

From that perfect day at a Disney Park, to finding out you're expecting a baby, to seeing your baby graduate, to finding the love of your life, life is full of magical moments of JOY that are so strong you NEVER forget them! OR! Remember that feeling when you just KNOW you've found the PERFECT gift for someone you love? The excitement, anticipation, the JOY? Magical Joy DeSigns is here to help you celebrate those moments with gifts that bring pure, magical joy! 

As a Disney Cast Member we create magic for our guests everyday. It is a part of what makes this job so amazing. @awholelottahoopla created this special sign for me that represents every show and parade I have performed in here at Disney World. She created magic for me by making this sign. I look at it everyday and am instantly brought back to each show and parade and smile thinking of how my dreams came true here ❤
Emily C
Magical Joy Customer

What started out as a simple way to bring a little magical joy into the lives of some friends has grown to offering the signs worldwide to help people celebrate the JOYFUL memories of their Disney trips.

With over 300 favorites to choose from (and that list keeps growing) and so many categories available, the hardest part is picking which ones you want!

Check out our gallery to see some of the signs we've done through the years!