Our Team

–  April –
Owner &
Creative Imaginaire

Designer of all the awesome things, talker in all the social media places, fantastic carer of customers & Creative Imaginaire.

– Alex –
Crew Chief &

Chief of our Crew, wrangler of sons, idea bouncer-offer and full supporter, fixer of all the things, put-together-er of all our products.

– Jake –
Apprentice &
Jack of All Trades

Jr. fix-it guy, reacher of all things tall, aspiring artist, drummer boy, experimental cook, lover of all things rabbits!

– James –
Jr. Apprentice
& Foodie

Helper of all in need, aspiring chef and lover of all the foods, meticulous cleaner, future youth leader, guitar player, and lover of books.

– Kian –
Supervisor &
Jr. Doctor Dolittle

Brother/parents keeper-in-liner, lover of all the animals everywhere, rememberer of all the things, talker of all things, all the time.

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Brief History

In May of 2013, we (as A Whole Lotta Hoopla) debuted our very first products at a MouseWait event in Anaheim, CA. The rest, as they say, is history. LOL…sorta.

We did the first sign (pic to the left) as a raffle gift not knowing if anybody would like it. It was a huge hit and everybody loved it!  People started asking us to make them one… only they wanted to change it a little, different color topper with a different quote or graphics, then with different/more rides/attractions/parades, etc, a different topper, or….whatever! The list kept growing and we’ve accommodated just about every request that’s come through! We now offer almost 350 different ….

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Our brand new and growing blog where we talk about living a life of choosing JOY, DIY projects, signs that are just so magical, new prints, kids, marriage and LIFE! 

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Our gifts are all about MAGICAL JOY. That JOY that comes from giving (or receiving) that perfect gift, the one that makes your heart jump and all the oohs and ahhs that go with it.

From just the perfect, personalized print for that special occasion, to our World Famous Disney Favorites Signs, to our brand new Magical Band Stands – a handcrafted wooden display for your Disney MagicBands, we’ve got what you need!

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Why Magical Joy?

When I started thinking about rebranding and rebuilding our business from the ground up, at first I didn’t even think about changing the name. I had always thought of A Whole Lotta Hoopla as so many things, with an eye for the future that included a whole lotta other things. But then, I started to think, hmmm….sometimes though, A Whole Lotta Hoopla comes across as a whole lotta different things that are just a big ol’ mess, especially the way our business has been perceived! With everything we’ve been through the past 4 years, I knew I wanted to change the name as well and give us a fresh start!

I started really soul searching, praying, talking to friends and family about the name and really put a lot into it. I took a few courses on rebranding, listened to podcasts on being true to your self and who you really are, and decided to get to the root of what I wanted for this company all along. I came up with a name that I thought for sure was it, and I ran with that for awhile and let it simmer and grow and….fizzle out. It was good but just not quite IT. Then one day I was doing some copyright for our Etsy store and ended it with something like ‘bringing you a little magical joy’….and the heaven’s parted, the angels sang and I had a big ol’ AH HA moment! Magical Joy!!! OF COURSE!! That’s what we’ve been working to bring to our customers all this time!

From that perfect day at a Disney Park, to finding out you’re expecting a baby, to seeing your baby graduate, to finding the love of your life, life is full of magical moments of JOY that are so strong you NEVER forget them! OR! Remember that feeling when you just KNOW you’ve found the PERFECT gift for someone you love? The excitement, anticipation, the JOY? Magical Joy DeSigns is here to help you celebrate those moments with gifts that bring pure, magical joy! 

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Need a designer?

In need of a design? Want a new logo for your business? Need a new shirt designed for your team or youth group? Are you a church looking for some help with design work?

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